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Install & Configure Ekusheyr Shadhinota with Windows XP/2003

If you are using Windows XP or 2003 then proceed with the steps. If you are not using XP or 2003, please go back to and select the operating system you are using.

Windows 7 (any edition/version)

Windows Vista (any edition/version)

Windows Server 2008 (any edition/version)

Windows XP or Server 2003 (any edition/version)

Windows 2000 (any edition/version)

Note: Only Administrators can install this on your computer or you must have administrative privilege to install this Keyboard Input System. We recommend you log on as an Administrator and install the software.

Download Indic Language Installer from Here. Run the downloaded Enable_Language.exe file.


Windows like this will appear. Click on Enable button to start installing Indic language support. Windows will ask you for Windows Installer CD, put that in your CD/DVD drive and continue.

When language installation will be finished, another window will ask you to restart Windows. We recommend you restart windows at this point by clicking on the Restart button and proceed with the next steps.

We believe you already have downloaded a layout of your choice you want to type with, from Ekusheyr Shadhinota Keyboard Manager. Extract the Keyboard manager installer ZIP and run the setup.exe file.


After that, click Close with your mouse & exit setup. Ekusheyr Shadhinota keyboard manager is now installed on your system. Now Ekusheyr Shadhinota typing system is ready for use on your computer.

You’ll see a icon EN (or whatever the default language is in your computer operating system) in the System Tray (beside the system clock).

Open an application where you want to type Bangla and press Left Alt + Left Shift together on your keyboard to switch to Bangla layout. The icon will change to BN (or SA on some systems). After finish typing, Bangla press Left Alt + Left Shift together to switch back to English. Now type and Enjoy Bangla in Windows

As we are offering many layouts, you have to choose your layout before download and install. For any assistance please contact us by filling up this form.