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Palash’s Bhasha: It’s a Trilingual software, that supports Bangla, Hindi, and English. Also, have HTML and JPEG Generation. See project details…


Ekusheyr Chithi:Sending Bangla Emails with Unicode is easy, but for those who use the old ASCII method for typing
(like Proshika, Bijoy, Lakhani), sending Bangla Emails is not possible.



Bangladesh ObhidhanBangla dictionary. This project is started by the University of Chicago.
We just helped them to change the character encoding of the existing ISCII-based database.


Bangla LinuxWe are contributing with Ankur for Bangla Computing with Linux and
Linux l10n projects. Visit the Bangla Linux website for detail…


Bangladesh InformationAn archive of 1000+ images of Bangladesh. As far as we know this is the first site where people can find various information and photos of Bangladesh.
Not only that you can also submit your photos to share with others.

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If you are a Bengali, or if you are a well-wisher of the Bangla language. We want to request you share your ideas with us by submitting your ideas to us. Proceed here to submit your ideas.

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Soon you will be able to submit your projects. Ekushey will give you free space and promotion for your projects. Until we finish our online project submission system. You can send us detail about your project(s) from Here

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If you are working on a Bangla Computing-related project and if you think we can help you somehow. Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you with all our wills. Please send us your query by going Here.