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Bangla Typing Scripts for WordPress

We have developed Bangla Typing Scripts for websites. Our developed JavaScript-based add-ons will let your visitors type in Bangla without using any 3rd party tool or keyboard manager. These add-ons are very flexible and easy to install to any site and 100% workable with Mozilla Firefox (1.0 or higher), Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer (5 or higher) and any Gecko engine-based web browser.

Currently, 3 layouts have been developed for WordPress and they are in mature status.

Word Press Users follow the instructions for downloading, installing and using our plugin.

1: Click Here to download the WordPress plugin (Updated 16 July 2009).

2: After extracting the file you’ll find a folder called banglakb. Upload the banglakb folder to your WordPress’ /wp-content/plugins/ folder. Again double check that you have bangla.plugin.php, phoneticunicode.js, probhatunicode.js & unijoy.js files inside /wp-content/plugins/banglakb folder. Else this plugin won’t work.

3: Log in to your WordPress Control Panel.

4: Go to the Plugins option

Bangla Web

You’ll see BanglKB plugin name there (as given on the above image). Click on Activate link under the Action column. When the plugin gets activated the whole row gets Green.

5: Now go to the Users link from the options column.

Bangla Web
Under Users option, click on Your Profile and make sure the Use the visual editor when writing option is unchecked.

6: Now go to Write

Bangla Web
You can see 3 new buttons in the formatting bar. They are: UniJoyPhonetic & English

7: Click on UniJoy or Phonetic to activate the layout.

Bangla Web
You can type Bangla with the activated layout in both title box and article window.

8: Again click on the English button to activate typing in English.

Bangla Web

<?php wp_banglakb_comments(); ?>

After “comment” textarea.

After you switch back to English, you’ll notice that the English button caption has changed into Bangla, so now if you want to activate Bangla again, you just have to hit the Bangla button. You don’t need to select your layout again. Hitting the same button will let you switch layouts.

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