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Rupali font is updated with high quality glyphs!

Our Designer + Open Type font developer made Rupali 4 years ago. It was unique of it’s kind. But more quality demand came from the users time to time and we felt we should deliver our best to the community.

So here we come with our best (so far) solution and Rupali is now decorated with High Quality glyphs. Still the font is not hinted, cause we don’t feel we should spend so much time behind hinting and make the font look good in small point of size. If you cannot see the font clearly in smaller sizes, it’s Microsoft’s fault not our’s. The same font looks great in Linux. So.... :)

Also there is a big change in the licensing. We ware using GPL public license for distributing fonts. But the GPL license for font is controversial. So we decided to use something better and not GPL also not controversial. So from now on all fonts will be released under OFL. Open Font License. You can learn more about OFL from here.

You can download the newer version from here.