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New Dynamic Web Site of Ekushey

We wanted to make a dynamic site from a long time. But could not find any good web content management system. Last month our developer Hasin Hayder suggest for Jaws and we found an excillent CMS for our site. This is what we ware looking for.

The site you are looking at now, is made by Jaws. We must thank to the Jaws Project developers for making this excillent CMS.

We wanted to present the new site to the Bangla speaking community on 21 Feb 2007, but due to some problem with SF.Net we could not upload that right on time.

Note: As we completely removed the old site, you may experiance changes to your bookmarks. So please updated your bookmarks. Webmasters are requested to change the hotlinks to our site also, as the old hotlinks will not work anymore...