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Bangla Typing Scripts is independent project now

We are proud to announce that the Bangla Typing Scripts is independent project now. 2 years ago our contributor Hasin Hayder developed the first JavaScript for web pages. Which allows one to type Bangla on web pages without using any 3rd party software. Later he made a plug-in for WordPress, and WordPress users can type Bangla on their site without using any software.

Many web sites adopted the solution, for example the best Bangla blogging site Somewherein Blog also popular sites like Projonmo Forum, Amader Projukti etc. Many WordPress users adopted the solution for making Bangla post and allow users to post comment on their site in Bangla, which have been added later by our contributor Lavlu. Looking at the progress and popularity, we are making Bangla Typing Scripts an independent project.

From now interested people for Bangla Typing Scripts will find the solution directly from our left main menu. :) We are working on more on the project to add more layouts. Our future plan is to make a Bangla supported WYSIWYG editor (no we are not making one, we will add support for Bangla script on existing popular editors like TinyMCE and FCKEditor). Thanks for being with us.