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Change of Hosting

As we told you before that sf.net has some silly rules for hosting websites, which creates problem with dynamic sites. So we decided to leave sf.net for our site hosting, but still files will be hosted there, because they have unlimited file space and more than 10 mirrors around the world.

We must thank phpXperts for hosting sponsor. We hope there won't be any problem browsing the site.

Having Problem with SF.Net Web Hosting

Hello Visitors,

We are having huge problem with SF.Net web hosting. It's a good service for
ordinary static sites, but not for huge CMS based dynamic sites. We don't know
why they made all these sick policies, but what they are doing is not positive
for us. We had problem in the past hosting our concern site
http://www.mukto.org and now we are having

We talked with phpXperts and they agree to host our site, soon we'll switch
web hosting to their server but the files will be in sf.net servers for faster
mirror access from around the world.

For the time being, if you see any message like "FATAL
ERROR" please refresh your browser and you'll see the page. So please bare with
us till we change hosting.

New Dynamic Web Site of Ekushey

We wanted to make a dynamic site from a long time. But could not find any good web content management system. Last month our developer Hasin Hayder suggest for Jaws and we found an excillent CMS for our site. This is what we ware looking for.

The site you are looking at now, is made by Jaws. We must thank to the Jaws Project developers for making this excillent CMS.

We wanted to present the new site to the Bangla speaking community on 21 Feb 2007, but due to some problem with SF.Net we could not upload that right on time.

Note: As we completely removed the old site, you may experiance changes to your bookmarks. So please updated your bookmarks. Webmasters are requested to change the hotlinks to our site also, as the old hotlinks will not work anymore...

Rupali font is updated once again!!!

We found some issues with Rupali on Windows Vista. After investigating we understand that our font architecture was little bit faulty. Most of the conjuncts ware not working. It took long to understand the problem as it was working fine on Linux/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003.

But finally Peter Constable from Microsoft helped us and suggest the update. So everything is perfect now and you can use the font without any problem.

Still if you see/face any problem. Please inform us.

Unicode Bangla on Windows Vista

Once again we proved ourselves as the Pioneer of Bangla Language. Windows Vista came this month and our Bangla Computing solutions are ready for Microsoft Windows Vista.

We re-compiled all our Unicode Bangla Keyboard Layout Managers for Windows Vista x86 (32bit versions) and now any Windows Vista user can download and use our solution.

Due to some in-compatibility, we could not compile our Bangla Keyboard Layout Managers for Windows Vista x64 (64bit versions) yet. But we believe we will presents solution for that x64 versions very soon.
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