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Ekushey Support Extended

Ekushey Extended support for Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Recently Microsoft release Service Pack 3 for Windows XP and a new Server Operating System Windows Server 2008. Now Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and Windows Server 2008 users can use Ekushey Typing Managers for their operating system without any hassle as Ekushey has extended the platform support.

By this time Ekushey is working on making one single installer for each keyboard layouts. For example now if you want to use UniJoy, you have to choose the exact version of your operating system. Some people don't even know what OS or what Service pack they are using. So to ease the use we are working on a single installer system, which will detect your OS version and install the Typing manager.

So after we release one individual pack for individual layouts, you don't need to download the specific layout. Just download the installer of the layout you want to use and install without any hassle.

Till then, stay tuned!

Once again QWERTY Phonetic Bangla Layout updated

The last release was a bit buggy so we fixed that today. There is another thing we have done. Users from around the world was sending us suggestion that we must keep the previous version with the latest one in parallel because lots of sites are using the legacy version of QWERTY Phonetic Bangla Layout and they don't want to use the latest Intelligent features.

So today we updated the Intelligent version and left the Legacy version in parallel. Thanks to all for your suggestion, support and feedback.

QWERTY Phonetic Bangla Layout updated

QWERTY Phonetic Bangla Layout updated with new intelligence implimentation. So now when you press and "kar" following another "kar" or "space" - it will display the vowel itself, not the kar. For example check the following sequence:
a = আ (previously it display া ) and kha = খা khai = খাই (previously displayed খাি)

Now "=" also works as a joiner and "==" displays the "="

The new version is available from here, which is a part of Bangla Typing Scripts for Web Pages.

Inscript Bangla Layout script released for web

As we know that today is the Republic Day of India and on this eve we present a very special gift to our Indian friends. We released Inscript Bangla layout script for web usages. The best thing of India is, they only use one single layout for all of their languages. Inscript is their official layout and the use only this layout for any Indian language input (for example Bangla, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi etc.)

We made a web version of the Bangla part and this could be a milestone for other Indian languages. Anyone can download and modify the simple JavaScript to meet their needs. Click here to take a ride of the Inscript Bangla layout script, which is a part of our Bangla Typing Scripts for Web Pages project.

Bangla Typing Scripts for Web Pages and Wordpress Updated

Here is a good news. We have updated the typing scripts for Wordpress and Web Pages. Most of us know that we have some issue with Ra-Japhola. Most of the people don't even don't know what the issue is and how to solve that. So this time the computer will take care of that. That means the scripts will detect what you are typing and it will fix the problem. So with from now Bangla Typing Scripts doesn't need any special attention (for the layout Unijoy, QWERTY Phonetic and Probhat), Just type Ra and Japhola, it will take care of the rest.

By the way, if you see it's not working, then you need to update your OS or your browser. Firefox 2 on Linux and IE7 on Windows works okey.

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