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Ekushey Team

We Stopped using free hosting...

As you know we were using free hosting by myhost. After few months they put some fake files (or may be some hackers did) and told us we did something wrong. We decided to stop using them and continue with paid host. Now we are back to you from our paid host.

We also have decided not to use Source Forge any more, cause they are too complicated. So we are moving our files and we will inform you once that is done.

myhosting.com Donated Non-Profit Web Hosting to Ekushey

Sourceforge approved Ekushey's hosting something like 6 year's back. We use to use their servers for hosting. They were really good. Excellent uptime. That time our site was static. All pages ware HTML pages. When we wanted to switch to a CMS for our site, we found Sourceforge has lots of security issues and most of the CMS applications has provblem with that. We left hosting our site on Sourceforge. But still using there servers for hosting our files, because of their versioning system and worldwide mirrors.

Few days back we got hosting from myhosting.com who are Canadian Owned and Operated. A concern of SoftCom Inc. They have this small condition that we have to put their information on our footer. We don't see any problem with that.

Ekushey is serving Bangla speaking community from a very long time. We never put advertise on our website, we never asked for any money. The works we are doing are for greater good and we are proud of it. We thank myhosting.com from the bottom of our heart for hosting this website and let us serve the community farther.

Ekushey Support Extended to Windows 7

Ekushey Extended support for Microsoft Windows 7. Microsoft is planning to release Windows 7 very soon, so we already updated our solution.

Ekushey Fonts and Typing solutions will work without any problem on Windows 7.

TinyBN - A plugin for TinyMCE Editor with Bangla Keyboard Support released

We all know that web application is the future of computing and from a very long time we have been working on how to make Bangla typing easy on the web. We have delivered some successful extensions/tools/scripts for make Bangla typing easy on the web. But that was no enough. Complex CMS like Joomla, Drupal or web applications needs advance editor for WYSIWYG text editing. TinyMCE is a very popular WYSIWYG editor for CMS or web applications. So we came up with a solution. We implimented all our Bangla web typing scripts on TinyMCE and we are calling it TinyBN. More on the project page.

New version of Polash's Bhasha Released!!!

As you all know that Palash's Bhasha is a very good Java based platform independent application for typing Bangla, Hindi and English simultaneously. We just have released it's new version with PDF output. Now you can type and save them as PDF. This is a very useful feature users have been requesting for so long.
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