Bengali typists everywhere can easily update their technology to Bangla Unicode, even if they started on older systems such as Bijoy. Ekushey.Org is proud to announce the UniJoy input system (keyboard manager), setting the standard for typing Bangla Unicode!

Image from Click here to download the keyboard input system Installer.

Image from Click here to Download/View Unicode Keyboard Conjunction List..

..The Layout..

Simple View : This is enough for your regular Bangla typing.

Complete Layout

..Advance Layout..

In case you need some advance characters, you can try to remember the below layouts.
Image from
Normal Mode

Image from
Shift Mode

Image from
AltGr (Right Alt Key) Mode
(This method provides access to full vowels for any applications that don't support the DeadKey input system)

Image from
Ctrl+Alt+Shift or AltGr+Shift Mode

Note: Apparently Mustafa Jabbar has attempted to claim the Bijoy keyboard layout as his personal property. We do not accept that a proprietorship approach is appropriate to a public standard.

This software was produced by altruistic volunteers to promote Bangla usage by increasing the ease with which Unicode character data can be input.

We have no affiliation with Mr. Jabbar or with Ananda Computers.