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Polash's Bhasha

Image is from Ekushey.Org

Here is a bug-free version 31-08-2008 of Bhasha software. Try this out, and get back to me with your bug-reports/suggestions/criticism.

To run it, you need to have the Java Run-Time Environment (JRE).
Also, you need the SolaimanLipi font for Bangla Fonts. Please see the Ekushey OTF font projects for detail.

If you do not have jre, it can be downloaded from here...

You can generate HTML files and JPEG files using this. Here is a screen-shot

Ekushey Image

This above image is showing how it should look if you have correctly installed JRE and SolaimanLipi. If you see only squares on the labels instead of Bangla fonts, it means you have not installed SolaimanLipi.

Click Here to download Bhasha

What's New:

  1. PDF generation
  2. RTF generation feature has been added. There are some issues to be thrashed: like space is missing between two words having diffrent styles.
  3. While saving the files to a particualr format, the user no longer has to specify the extension.
  4. Files which have been saved in HTML/XML format, can be opened with Bhasha and edited or saved in JPEG/RTF format.
  5. During JPEG image generation, the app crashed unexpectedly.
  6. When changing the language from Bangla to English or back, the pad used to auto-expand with scroll bar, often hiding the last typed text.

Steps To Use:
1. Unpack Bhasha.zip in any folder. Make sure that the folder `keymappings` is in the same
directory as the Bhasha.jar. The folder keymappings should contain two
files called KeyboardSettings_hi_IN.def and KeyboardSettings_bn_IN.def.

2. To change the key-mappings, select Settings->Customise Keyboard from the main menu.

3. You start just by double-clicking on the Bhasha.jar file if you are on Windows. For Linux you start by typing: JRE_HOME/bin/java -jar Bhasha.jar @ the command prompt. You must be at the directory where you have placed the Bhasha.jar file.

Known Issues
1. Avoid keeping the jar in a directory having spaces in its name: example C:\Documents and Settings\palashr\Desktop\temp: it may not work if you unpack and keep it in this folder.

2. RTF file cannot be opened in Bhasha for re-editing like HTML/XML files.

3. Space is missing between two words having diffrent styles when saved in RTF format.

Only those HTML files which have been generated by Bhasha can be opened in it for editing. Trying to edit HTMLs from other sources may not work.

Please note that in slower machines, it takes about 5-10 secs to start up. The labels/clock are displayed in Bangla by default, you can change that by clicking 'Settings' and selecting the language in the Menu-Bar. HTML and JPEG files can be generated out of whatever you type by clicking on the 'HTML', 'JPEG' buttons. Though the HTML file will be an exact replica of whatever you type, the JPEG file does not support paragraphs/new-line character as yet, this facility will be provided shortly, please bear-up.

Solaiman Karim of Ekushey (who developed SolaimanLipi)
Java Tutorials,
Monojit Da for j2sdk1.4.2 (without this, the Save feature would be buggy)
Anindya (for the overall Luk N Feel and Logo)
and all others who encouraged me.

Please use this form to send in your comments/bug-reports/suggestions/criticism or send mail to