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T-Bangla Word Processor

Image is from Ekushey.Org

This is a Bangla Editor through which one can write bangle in UNICODE. You can say it as a WordPad which need absolutely nothing third party setting to write, read, print Bangla or English document. The written bangla or english text can be copied and paste to other editor like notepad, wordpad even in a webpage to get the Unicode base text there. One just need to install a OTF (Open Type Font) to see the Unicode base text in other editors. Please see the Ekushey OTF font projects for detail.

There is also a tool embedded with this software for web developers. Through this tools the Unicode base text can be transformed into a hexadecimal format so that by just copying the generated html code one can make his/her own Unicode base Bangla web pages.

To run it, you need to have the Java Run-Time Environment (JRE).

Here is a screen-shot:
Ekushey Image

Click Here to download T-Bangla Word Processor

T-Bangla Word Processor Key Features:

  1. Write bangla in three layout here:
    • Phonetic Layout (TB_Phonetic layout our own)
    • Unijoy Layout
    • QWERTY English Layout
  2. One can switch to any layout anytime by selecting the layout option.
  3. One can save the document in design format (unaccessible from outside the editor) or in text format (accessible from outside the editor).
  4. Read the Save file or any other text file. If one saw some corrupted data while opening a file then s/he can click FIX Do to re-open the text in normal format.
  5. One can Insert Picture in the document.
  6. Undo, Redo, Bold, Italic, Underline, Line allignment (LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT)
  7. Text Color Change, Font Size, Font Change, Print,
  8. Cut (Ctrl+X), Copy (Ctrl+C), Paste (Ctrl+V) all are available here
  9. Default font has to be disselected before one can change the font. User can again choose the default font.
  10. It supports multipage printing.
  11. HTML Code generator generate the hexadecimal code of the written text in the page for web developers

Steps To Use:
If you have JAVA version 1.6 or higher on your machine than just double click is needed to run the software. If you does not have any JAVA, Then Get the JAVA from here.

Known Issues

  1. It may be too slow on low configure pc. In fact all JAVA applications runs slow on low configuration macnines.
  2. While opening a file it may be slower (sometimes depending on the size of the file).


  • Sun Microsystems: For building the so nice java
  • Omi Azad: For supporting me
  • Babu: In making the TB_Phonetic Layout
  • All others who encouraged me
  • All who give this solution a try

Please use this form to send in your comments/bug-reports/suggestions/criticism or send mail to